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To read the file, we must open it first using any of the mode, for example if you only want to read the file then open it in "r" mode. Based on the mode selected during file opening, we are allowed to perform certain operations on the file. The fgetc function returns the character read. If an error occurs, the fgetc function will set the stream's error indicator and return EOF. If the fgetc function encounters the end of stream, it will set the stream's end-of-file indicator and return EOF. Reads a single-byte unsigned character from the input stream pointed to by stream at the current position, and increases the associated file pointer so that it points to the next character. The fgetc function is not supported for files opened with type=record or type=blocked. In this fgetc in c example, first, we created the File pointer and then assigned the file in read mode because we want to read the characters present in the sample.txt. TIP: Here, we haven’t mentioned the full path of file name because my.c application and the text file reside in the same location.

The characters are then handed over one at a time to the function fgetc, until the buffer is empty. If there are still some characters left to read in the file then again a block of characters is read into the buffer. The following program demonstrates how to use fgetc function. C Programming - read a file line by line with fgets and getline, implement a portable getline version Posted on April 3, 2019 by Paul. In this article, I will show you how to read a text file line by line in C using the standard C function fgets and the POSIX getline function. At the end of the article, I will write a portable implementation. fgetc is used to obtain input from a file single character at a time. This function returns the number of characters read by the function. It returns the character present at position indicated by file pointer. After reading the character, the file pointer is advanced to next character. If pointer is at end of file or if an error occurs EOF file is returned by this function. int fgetc FILE stream ; int getc FILE stream ; Reads the next character from the given input stream. getc may be implemented as a macro. Contents. 1 Parameters; 2 Return value; 3 Example; 4 References; 5 See also Parameters. stream - to read the character from Return value. The obtained character on success or EOF on failure. If the failure has been caused by end-of-file condition.

23/10/2017 · সি প্রোগ্রামিং এর উপর আমার অন্যান্য ভিডিওগুলো দেখতে ক্লিক. Read file Line by Line using PHP. PHP fgets function is used for reading single line from file This function takes two arguments. Write a C program to read a file and display its contents on console. How to read a file and display file contents on console in C programming. In this exercises, I will explain you how to read a file character by character using fgetc. How to read a file line by line using fgets. It is not advisable to mix calls to input functions from the stdio library with low-level calls to read2 for the file descriptor associated with the input stream; the results.

Reads bytes from a stream pointed to by stream into an array pointed to by string, starting at the position indicated by the file position indicator. Reading continues until the number of characters read is equal to n-1, or until a newline character \n, or until the end of the stream, whichever. The printf statement is then user to print the data read from the file. The fscanf keeps reading until EOF is encountered. When the end of file is encountered while condition becomes false and control comes out of the loop. In line 28, fclose function is called to close the file. PHP Read File - fread The fread function reads from an open file. The first parameter of fread contains the name of the file to read from and the second parameter specifies the maximum number of bytes to read. The fgetc function takes a file stream as its argument and returns the next character from the given stream as a integer type. It is defined in header file. fgetc Parameters.

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